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Case Study: 24 by 7 Telephone Answering Service for e-commerce

Our client provides prepaid gift card products that can be used to purchase items like a debit card. The gift cards can be purchased by individual customers and by organizations using our client’s website and they can be used in a large network of high street and online retail shops.

Description of Project & Scope of Work

The main objective is to provide our client with a 24 by 7 customer support service. The service needs to meet our our client’s high standards in quality and reliability. The service includes dealing with:

  • Sales queries
  • Delivery queries
  • Checking a customer’s balance
  • Issuing refunds
  • Product information queries
  • General queries on the company and point of sale support
  • Escalate calls when necessary

Objective of this Case Study

This case study will provide an insight into:

  • Our experience in the online retail sector
  • Outsourcing as a value added proposition
  • Scalability – seasonal flotation in call volumes
  • Arema Connect as a reliable and trustworthy ‘Outsourcing Partner’
  • Data Protection handling process requirements
  • Flexible hours 24/7 support
  • Service level deliverables
  • An experienced team
  • The detailed information we provide to their customers

Client Requirements

The Initial requirements for this client were:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • All interactions to be captured on our CRM system
  • All calls to be recorded
  • An experienced workforce
  • Facilitate customers through the buying process
  • Speedy response times

Our Proposal

We demonstrated our experience in providing excellent customer service, post sales customer support regarding refunds & deliveries, and also pre-sale information lines. Up-selling opportunities are created by giving customers relevant and comprehensive answers to their queries. We also make customers aware of special offers and contact numbers for cancellations etc.

The service we provide includes answering FAQ questions such as:

  • Where can I purchase the card?
  • Can I use the card to buy flights online?
  • Is there an expiry date?

Other common inquiries relate to Expired cards, Purchasing Gift Cards on-line, Monthly Management fee and Voided or Blocked Transactions.
All calls are recorded and logged in our secure CRM system. Arema Connect also verified that we could handle the obvious fluctuating call volumes at peak times (for example Christmas).

Top reasons for customers calling

  • Lost or Stolen Cards: In these cases we ask if the customer has the receipt or the card number. We email these details to our client’s representative. The agent will then make an outbound call to the UK and cancel the card. If the customer does not have the card number we provide them with a contact number. All bases are covered.
  • Cancelling Gift Cards: During office hours we can cancel lost or stolen gift cards for anyone. If our agents receive a call between 5.30pm and 9.00am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and phone a dedicated point of contact and with the card number the customer has we ask them to cancel the prepaid card.



Our experience in the online retail sector along with our well established history was the main factor considered when our client awarded us the ongoing contract.  We are currently partnering with this client for the last 7 years.

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