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Outsourcing for first time can be challenging for many companies; however, once you find the right partner it is easier to see its benefits. Companies may decide to outsource a small portion of their business and, as their sales and operations grow, they decide to grow them in partnership. One of our clients is a good example of this approach.

About the company

Our client is a leading health provider with a number of hospital and health centres nationwide. Their initial requirements have transformed over time by adding new lines and increasing the number of agents associated to their contract. Recently we were asked to provide them with an after-hours and overflow service for their critical incident reporting team.

Providing a critical incident reporting line

Arema Connect provide 24 by 7 customer support. Therefore, we are available to provide after-hours and overflow services to our clients.

Phone calls received in the ‘critical incident management’ line are logged and escalated to our client’s on-call co-ordinator. If the first contact is not available our agents are instructed to ring the next contact and follow down the list until the incident is successfully escalated.
The caller is contacted back by our agents 20 minutes after the message was escalated, this is for quality purposes. The aim is to ensure that the issue has been resolved and the caller is happy with the service provided.

Soft skills training is a key element for this contract as callers can be stressed while reporting a critical incident. If you have similar requirements e.g. after-hours telephone answering service, critical reporting, or you are a health provider looking to outsource – contact us for more information and a tailored proposal.

“ Our experience with pharmaceutical companies was a key element in our client’s decision process.
Arema connect have over 10 years experience working with multinational pharmaceutical companies and provide them with pharmacovigilance services.
You can check our case studies and blogs for more information about this service.”

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