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If you are planning to outsource in 2017, take into account our three main predictions:

The outsourcing sector is dynamic in that it evolves with time to match industry developments. Additionally, outsourcing strategies are constantly adapting to deliver the most affordable and efficient services. We evaluate changes in the customer service sector and outsourcing trends in customer-centric businesses on a yearly basis as it is always a good idea to forecast and make predictions for next year.

If you are planning to outsource in 2017, take into account our three main predictions:

Business Data Driven – Protect your Data

IT developments are allowing us to capture and analyse large volumes of data because customers are now leaving their digital trace on our website and systems.
Businesses who can extract insightful data from customer interactions will have an advantage in the marketplace and increase customer satisfaction levels. It is for this reason that data protection will become a top priority in 2017.
Outsource to a trusted partner who values this information and one that takes measures to protect your data.

From Multi-Channel to Cross Channel and Omni – Channel Deeper Integration

We’re sure you have heard these buzzwords before in the marketing sector and contact centre sector for the last 3 years. However, the differences between them will become clearer in 2017.
Customer satisfaction levels will increase in correlation with the integration between your customer service channels; therefore go for omnichannel strategy. Developing a holistic view of the customer experience (regardless of the channel) will impact in customer satisfaction levels. The cross-channel approach will still be present mostly in the SME sector and they will specialise in providing first class service by telephone and e-mail while monitoring social media platforms. Multi-channel strategies will still exist but reduce their impact as integration requirements will increase its presence.

Process Automation Challenge – Hiring Soft Skills

Automation is certainly here to stay and customers are welcoming the speed of this development, as long as it works. This poses a challenge while working with online sales. For example, automatic e-mails are sent to buyers asking them to rate products sometimes before the client has received the purchased item due to delivery delays. Therefore, when automation fails it exposes customer representatives to more specialised enquiries and makes managing customer expectations more difficult. Soft skills will become a recruitment requirement.