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Team Building

Putting together a group of individuals and moulding an effective team can be a tough task. Arema Key Account Managers have several years of experience, they have the ability to recognise and manage various personality types and more importantly understand the qualities that various people bring to the team. Planned activities outside of work allow employees to build new relationships and have fun. On Friday night the Arema team attended a pub quiz in Glanmire, Co. Cork.

Here are 10 ways you can build a call centre customer support team that delivers:

1: Having a good hiring process

It’s not all about having good “communication skills”. The key premise is to add a person that will fit in with the dynamics of the team.

2: Define Goals and Expectations

Specify what exceptional service is and how it is achieved.

3: Listen

Have weekly meetings with the various teams. Agent’s can express their concerns or voice any queries they have. The Key Account Managers can act upon these concerns and resolve the situation.

4: Trust

Trust is key to having a happy dynamic team when an issue is raised it must be acted upon in a timely fashion and in a professional manner. This gives the team members confidence that their voice is being heard.

5: Training

Carrying out effective training not only ensures better customer service it also gives the team assurance that the information they are conveying to customers is correct.

6: Acknowledgement

Exceptional service is rewarded and acknowledged at Arema Connect. Our customer service representatives are motivated to offer the best customer service experience to each call we receive.

7: Leadership

Some groups work better with multiple leaders, some work better with one. It is important for a leader to guide the team in the right direction and plan for upcoming busy periods for example Christmas.

8: Division of Work

In a good team, the work is divided equally among the members. In a great team, this is done whilst also fitting specific tasks that match team members skill sets.

9: Keep Things Fresh

It may seem trivial but trying new people in new positions can uncover new skill sets and opportunities for agent development, but keeping things fresh can also mean something fun such as ordering in pizza instead of going out for lunch.

10: Accepting Newcomers

A team will not stay unchanged forever, people will leave and will be replaced. New team members should be welcomed with open arms and given the chance to grow into their role whilst receiving mentoring from more senior members.