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Your Business Covered During Staff Vacations

It is at this time of the year that employees of companies may be taking a well deserved holiday. Some companies choose to hire new temporary workers for this period and some choose to close down their business for several weeks. This can leave sizable gaps in a workforce, especially when it comes to customer service, both solutions can be taxing. Taking on new employees will be expensive when you consider the cost of wages and training and closing down obviously means that business is lost during this time period.

The Solution

There is a quick and easy way to avoid loss of business and expensive recruitment costs. Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) businesses are choosing to outsource their customer service to a call centre for holiday cover. Here are the benefits we have seen at Arema Connect:

Minimal Downtime: Call centres have experienced trainers that can get agents up to speed immediately.

Reduce Cost: Save money on hiring and training costs.

Increase Sales: By being open during the holidays you can keep responding to current customers as well as new customers who may have been lost.

Peace of Mind: You may be a business owner and want some holiday time, by outsourcing you can rest easy knowing customers messages are being taken and your business is running as normal.

A Trusted Partner: By utilising summer holiday cover you can discover that the benefits are so good that you might want to use a call centre for Christmas holiday cover and possibly after-hours cover also. Here at Arema Connect, we offer a suite of options to cater to your business needs.