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Customer Service for Product Quality and Product Recall

The FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector is just that, fast. Customers expect round the clock service and response times must be quick, especially for product quality issues. There are a lot of moving parts in an FMCG retail company and there are many different departments, for this reason, customer tracking is important. Furthermore, FMCG online sales are growing rapidly and this brings different types of customer queries, delivery times for example.

For the reasons mentioned above, an FMCG company must find a third party customer service provider that can guarantee high standards when dealing with customers over the phone, via email, through chat or by SMS text messaging. Here are 3 ways that contact centres cater for FMCG companies:

General Customer Service

These calls range from product information inquiries to in store complaints. A contact centre can streamline these inquiries and make sure that only the relevant department receives the inquiry. Contact centres use state of the art CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology to track customer interactions, this includes message logging, who it was sent to when it was sent, customer contact details and more.

Customer tracking is also important when it comes to email inquiries. One way to achieve this is labelling emails when they are sent, for example In Store Sales Issue, Marketing, Job Application etc.

Product Recall

An FMCG retailer can coordinate and execute product recalls quickly and effectively by utilising a contact centre team. A third party BPO company can use phone, email, text and direct mail to contact potentially affected customers immediately. 100’s of stores can be contacted in a single sitting ensuring that industry standards are maintained.

Product Quality

These types of emails/calls require extra attention. A contact centre can work with an agreed template for emails received as well as an agreed upon script for product quality issues over the phone. These templates/scripts can include the barcode of the product, best before date, area of the shop it was purchased from when it was bought and more.