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Customer Support for the Retail Sector

Our new client is an Irish company that sells an intriguing safety device for parents and the elderly. It is a watch at first glimpse but it is also a phone and SOS GPS Location Device. It can hold two-way voice calls, it is water resistant and the battery usage is low. The device works by pairing to a parents app on their smartphone. It’s a subscription-based service as the watch itself has a SIM. The safety watch allows children a little more freedom without the anxiety it causes for concerned parents. The device can be used to locate the child or elderly person at any time and they are contactable also.

This product is the latest example of the leaps technology has made in security. GPS devices were not invented yesterday but this new watch houses all these features together in a compact form, which follows the current trend for smart watches, this means that the device is very streamlined. Technology is becoming more and more infused into our day to day lives, it’s on our wrist, it’s in our pockets, and in our home and our new client embraces this but focuses on the safety aspect which is very commendable.


Our main objective for this project is to provide first rate retail customer support. We firstly familiarise ourselves with the product. We get to grips with every step of the process, from the technology it uses to the way it works. Our internal trainers carry this out with minimal downtime so the customer service can begin immediately.

Inbound Sales Inquiry Line

Customers will be calling with various sales questions. By having an in-depth knowledge of the faqs and product processes Arema Connect can convert these inquiries into sales for our client.

Here are some of the topics we will be discussing with consumers:


Call Logging

The next step is the taking of informative messages for our colleagues in the client’s in-house team. The details taken include name, phone number, email address and a brief message explaining their query. These leads are then sent to our point of contact within the company. If there is a technical question that needs special assistance our agents will escalate this in the exact same fashion for tier 2 support.

Post, During and Pre-sale calls are crucial components that affect the success of any retail product. Our aim is to embrace the client’s policies and procedures and provide comprehensive retail customer support so they can increase their sales whilst saving time and money. Since this is such an innovative product with such a great idea behind it. It is easy to galvanise our team. The first 2 months of 2016 have been busy here at Arema Connect and we are hoping this continues throughout the year.