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What Customer Service providers should expect in 2016

As we leave one year and enter into another we must look forward and identify developing trends in our field. Contact centres are shaped and moulded by customers, technology, the financial climate, sector changes, social media and more. These factors mean that call centres need to continuously evolve and you can do this by identifying bubbling trends waiting to develop into the next mainstream movement.

Ever changing customer relationship management trends raise the need for a strategic plan, this ensures that you will be prepared for every outcome. The following contact centre trends are increasing in prominence, therefore let’s discuss them in more detail.


Coming from the word Omni which signifies “All”. It is a new take on multi-channel customer service. In the past, you may have had email support and customer service over the phone but in today’s environment customers require 360-degree customer service. This includes social media, live chat, SMS mobile response as well as the use of telephone and email.

It’s all about where and when the customer wishes to contact, the more channels available to them the more involved a company can be in nurturing sales opportunities.  This trend will continue to gather momentum as technology grows exponentially.

Big Data

The capture and storage of data will be vitally important in 2016. Just as we are identifying trends in call centres this data will identify trends in a companies customer base, which is invaluable. This information alongside database management gives a great insight into your customer’s journey, whats working, whats not etc. Also, it allows you to stay ahead of the game, predict what your customers want and use previous experience to package it in a way that suits your buyers best.

Call centres can improve customer service interactions by having more data available therefore dramatically improving first call resolution.

SMS and Callbacks

The vast majority of us work 9 to 5 (there or thereabouts). These hours tend to directly mirror a company opening hours in most cases and thus arises the issue of missed calls, returned calls during lunch breaks and then missed calls again etc. A callback service could be the breakout trend of 2016. Customers on the go need to have a schedule so combining SMS and callbacks ensures happy customers and a lot of time saved on repeat callers.

The benefits of SMS are there to see, the promotional aspect is massive. There are also great customer service and sales opportunities in this area. Sending three or more purposeful text messages after contact has been made with a prospect can increase conversion rates by 328%.  It is also a great way of preemptively striking when it comes to sending order numbers, giving delivery times, explaining issues or thanking them for their service. One area we have seen massive gains in this is the after service text, taxi companies are particularly savvy ‘Thank you for using XYZ taxi service, next time save 20% by using our app ……’.


As we take our first steps into 2016 we must not only reflect on 2015 but look forward with an open mind and a strategic plan of action. The trends mentioned above may have a significant impact in the technology you employ, the plans you make and how your clients view your service. Just how big these trends become remains to be seen, ultimately it is the customer who decides.