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Recognising Trends in Customer Service

First of all, we at Arema Connect would like to say happy new year! 2015 was a busy year with new clients joining our team and existing clients expanding. It was a relativity standard year, our tourism clients where at their busiest during the summer months and the retail sector built up to an expected busy Christmas. The recent poor weather has considerably increased our property emergency calls as people up and down the country suffered from unfortunate flooding.

Let’s reflect now on some of the changes we have noticed and the trends developing in customer service.

The FMCG Sector

Arema Connect takes calls for one of Ireland’s largest FMCG chains. We have noticed that email has become the main point of contact for consumers in this sector. 16% of cases have come through over the telephone whereas the other 84% have been emailed.

This trend changes when it comes to product quality customer service. In these cases, people have been more willing to call and explain verbally with 42% of cases coming in over the phone and the remaining 58% coming in via email.

First Call Resolution (FCR)

Last year we stated that we had seen that first call resolution had become more important than average handling time (AHT) due to higher contact volumes. This trend has continued, our clients agree that longer calls are acceptable if the issue is resolved there and then. I believe this will continue because although in the short term having fast handling times is beneficial it has a detrimental effect in the long term with repeat callers.


To summarise 2015 has been a year of great success, we are busy and that’s great for us. Customer service is fundamentally the same but with the rising tide of technology customers are more switched on than ever. Companies are now focusing on omnichannel support so their customers are fully immersed.

We at Arema Connect look towards 2016 now with excitement and eagerness.