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Acknowledging a Wonderful Year

Last weekend we at Arema Connect held our annual internal awards ceremony in the Sextant bar in Cork City. It was a festive night with great food and plenty of conversation. It has long been a tradition of ours to recognise staff members who have had an exceptional year and let them know that we acknowledge their hard work that they put in throughout the year. The previous day we opened our secret Santa gifts and wore Christmas jumpers, so spirits were already high going into the weekend. The ceremony itself was a great way to get to know people better and make new staff members feel welcome.

And the Award goes to …..

Biggest Team Player – Shauna
Best Newcomer –  Loretto
Best Part Time Agent – Martina
Happy Camper – Triona
Biggest Elaborator – Kieran 

Our Team

Firstly, big congratulations to the winners above, they have all brought a unique quality to our team over the past year. Arema Connect is delighted to highlight their qualities, whether it was always being there to answer a colleagues question, coming in as a newcomer and taking it all in your stride, working the night shift or lifting peoples spirits. All of these abilities are great assets to have in a call centre environment.

As 2015 draws to a close our team continues harmoniously, looking forward to the challenges of 2016. We have reflected on a great year and have enjoyed it immensely. Once again, from everyone here at Arema Connect, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.