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Tis the season of booking lines and children around the world are lining up for Santa Grotto’s, Ice Skating Events and more. It’s when specialist Christmas companies run dedicated campaigns for these types of festivities and this leads to very busy phone lines. They can hugely benefit from dedicated Christmas Booking Line.

These phone lines are full to the brim with parents frantically looking to fulfil their children’s fantasies of reindeer, Santa, elves, snow, ice and theatre. Hence these dedicated channels of communication, whether it is through email or telephone, need to run like a well-oiled machine to maximise a company’s ROI.

The Holidays are coming!

During this period seasonal businesses spend heavily on advertising and customer satisfaction levels have a direct impact on whether this advertising is a success and for this reason, it is vitally important that your booking lines are handled by customer service specialists whether in-house or outsourced.


A Booking Line Call Center

The stand out reason for outsourcing is preparation. By putting in the groundwork now companies can avoid putting customers through long waiting times because it is too busy for an in-house team.

From our experience, it’s all about customer service tailored to your needs. The integration between the call centre booking line and your company needs to be seamless, meaning all calls received during the Christmas period have to be answered in your company name, follow your procedures, integrate with your booking system and generally mirror your standards and practices.


The Benefits

The key benefit is being available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, something in-house teams can struggle with, especially over the holiday season. This will boost your business productivity and improve sales due to the fact that customers who finish work later will be catered for.

Professional customer service carried out 24/7 is the catalyst for the creation of loyal customers who will think of their wonderful customer service experience next Christmas.

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