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Satisfy every Customer

Any successful company has a core workforce of dedicated employees but during busy periods even the best cannot handle 100% of customer calls. This leads to a customers’ most hated experience, being stuck in a queue. According to Help Scout 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration they could not talk to a real person. This drastically decreases the amount of sales opportunities presented to you, especially during the busy Christmas season.

What is the solution for this problem? A call overflow service provided by a BPO company. This ensures that your company answers calls when your competitors can not. It is these little advantages that play a big part of having a successful Christmas season when competition is so fierce.

How it works

If after (say 3 rings) the call hasn’t been answered, the contact centre agents will answer in your business’ name. This avoids customer dissatisfaction, caused by having to listen to pre-recorded messages for long periods. The crossover is seamless and your customer’s journey is not affected in any way, in fact it is improved by such a fast response.

It’s just a matter of setting up a dedicated line in the call centre office. The BPO Company can then handle calls in a way that suits your strategic plan / campaign. For example the contact centre can answer FAQ’s where possible to ensure first call resolution and also act as a message taking service for your main team. The latter saves time and a lot of it. This allows your team to attend meetings or engage in other company matters in the confidence that when they get back there will be an accurate record of sales calls, customer query calls and more.

The Advantages of Overflow Customer Support Service