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Summer holidays or other holidays such as Christmas can put additional pressure on your human resources team. We describe in this blog 3 ways your business benefits from holiday cover agreement.


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Strategic planning is a vital part of business management and in the build-up to the Christmas holidays, a company can adequately prepare by availing of holiday cover customer service. By doing so a business can continue to take customer calls thus increasing sales opportunities and maintaining contact with loyal customers.

Also, let’s not forget that the holiday season is there to be enjoyed, and a business owner can enjoy them fully when they know that their businesses customer service is still running smoothly while they are relaxing. Outsourcing is a worthwhile option because it is cost-effective and easy to set up when a company’s core staff are on holidays.


Here are 3 benefits to outsourcing customer service during holidays:

1. Open for Business

Take customer calls throughout the holiday season including Christmas day. Let the contact centre take away all of the stress while maintaining professional customer support. A call centre can utilise a provided list of FAQ’s to solve customer issues instantaneously rather than after the holidays. The main area that a call centre can help is in message taking. Emergency calls can be forwarded straight away to a predetermined email address or contact number. Furthermore, sales opportunities can be organised in an extremely time efficient manner.


2. Real-time access to your calls

See who is calling, when they are calling and in what volumes through a secure online system provided. This can be an extremely useful tool that a director can exploit for marketing purposes. It can also be used to monitor the level of service being provided by a call centre.


3. Personalised Service

Another benefit of outsourcing is the channels of customer support available. The contact centre of choice can provide bespoke customer service over the phone, via email and on a live chat system. Again these can be escalated to a director, manager, sales team etc.

Preparation is the key during this time of the year for businesses globally. A small bit of strategic planning can increase sales and maintain ongoing first class customer service throughout the holidays.

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