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The Software of Selling Online

Arema Connect are happy to announce that we have acquired a new multinational client. This new client is the latest in a growing list of e-commerce companies. We see this as a growth area for us as the sector in general is rapidly expanding worldwide.

The Process

Our new client offers technical software support for multiple major global brands. This software is used by brands to help their consumers during the buying process, specifically the checkout. Arema Connect provide a Technical Support line and also an Escalation line for our client, both are operational 24 by 7. The details of these calls are then passed on to the on-call point of contact in the clients company. It is imperative that answers are provided immediately for an e-commerce company as the sector is constantly moving.

Arema Connect have been working with e-commerce companies for 14 years and we have a collective understanding of the marketplace. The varied types of e-commerce companies we have helped through the years have also increased our spectrum of knowledge in the area.