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Improving Connectivity

Present day customers are on the go. Well, they were always on the go but now they have a little device in their pocket that allows them to Tweet you, Like you, Tag you, Email you, Web Chat with you and of course Call you (easily forgotten these days).

All this means that customer support can constantly evolve from solving a customer’s problem to an up-selling opportunity and then on to a marketing opportunity through the information gathered throughout the interaction.

Data driven Customer Service

Technology enables companies to collect more and more data from its clients. Thanks to the internet of things and the interaction of all its components, customer support can be brought to a different level.

In customer service you aim to solve any enquiries that your client may have in the timely manner. Having access to a client’s information greatly speeds up the process. For example, access to data related to your clients computing device and its usage levels helps customer representatives to solve any issues they may have, most notably on a first call resolution basis.

Data driven customer support enhances customer satisfaction through a more thoughtful and speedy answer.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the implementation of new Customer Relationship Management systems integrated with Marketing/Sales and Operations databases improves turnover.

Improving your technology

What you can do

Having a constantly updated FAQ page is extremely handy when it comes to helping customers help themselves. Keep in touch with your customer service team to identify new issues constantly arising, and then update the FAQ page with a solution. Keep it simple, easy to navigate. Nothing drives customers away faster than a difficult to use website with lots of unnecessary text.

What a Contact Centre can help you with

By hiring a third party for your email support, whether it be technical support or customer service, drastically improves the resolution time for cases. You can assign a list of contacts for said contact centre to escalate to thus meaning that your workforce only receive notifications relevant to their department. This saves a lot of time. Also a lot of issues can be solved at tier one by simple procedures and an experienced workforce of customer support agents.

Live Chat
You are now chatting with Rachael

  • Agent: Good morning, how can I help you today?
  • Customer: Hi, does the X device come with the headset as standard or is it an optional extra?
  • Agent: The headset is included with the X device as standard. If you click on this link you will find the different colours the headset comes in.
  • Customer: Great thanks!
  • Agent: Is there anything else I can help you with?
  • Customer: Not right now. Bye
  • Agent: Thanks for chatting. Goodbye.

Simple as that. This could have taken 30 minutes to be replied to via email or the customer could have been lost completely if he / she was not able to call at the time. Increase sales and upselling opportunities whilst adding to the friendly feel of your site.

Technology is constantly changing the way we communicate with each other and companies need to keep developing their technology to match. Present day customers expect premium service over a variety of different channels and if you want to keep customers for longer you need to have these channels monitored continually.