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Customer Service from an Operations Manager’s and a Financial Director’s point of view


Sean Hickey (Operations Manager) and Nuala Meaney (Financial Director) share with us in this blog ‘3 tips to keep your cost down and services levels up’


“It is paramount to provide excellent customer service to clients. That’s what guarantees the success of your company” – Sean Hickey, Operations Manager


“Customer Care is important; however, in the current economic situation companies need to keep cost down in order to succeed in the market place” – Nuala Meaney, Financial Director


Tip 1: Be there where you are needed – Multichannel support

It is all about suiting your customers needs, omni-channel customer support pre, during and after sale is becoming more and more expected. It is a given that the vast majority of companies have an email address and contact number but the option of Live Chat is also very useful tool that you can employ to keep customers on your site for longer. Furthermore an email support service can be streamlined. Having multiple choices for customers such as techsupport@….., storequeries@….. or sales@….. allow for better data management and a faster response time to the aforementioned customers.


Tip 2: Additional Resources when they are needed – Overflow Customer Support

You’re phones are ringing off the hook with customers responding to a new 2 for 1 offer or an advertisement you placed in the paper. That’s a good thing right? It may put pressure on an in-house team but having a third party  overflow office for your company will dramatically decrease the amount of abandoned calls (Potential Clients). One such system I have come into contact with is a procedure that if the caller has not been answered within 2 to 3 rings then it is diverted to the overflow office. This is great news for the customer which in turn leads to a repeat customer. Be the company who always answer the phone.


Tip 3: Outsource

It is important to outsource to a professional and financially stable contact centre, one that is flexible enough to offer you a bespoke service.

It benefits you in 3 vital areas :

  • Reduces Expenditure
  • Saves you Time
  • Increases Custom