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3 Sectors – 3 Different Approaches

The call centre industry certainly is varied and ever changing. We at Arema Connect are going to demonstrate this by outlining a sample of contracts won in the 2nd quarter of 2015.


The first new client is an adventure management company and the main reason they need to divert their calls to us is missed sales opportunities. A lot of the time they are out giving surfing lessons or managing a Kayaking class. This can be a problem as surf boards are not the most accommodating place in the world when it comes to taking sales calls, and hands free devices can’t quite function in the aqua world of rolling coastal waves. By outsourcing this company continues to capitalise on sales opportunities whilst also keeping customer satisfaction levels high.

To complicate the mix it is a very seasonal business with most of their bookings being processed during the summer season. This is for obvious reasons and it is another area where a call centre is challenged, but this fluctuation in call volume is nothing new. As the retail sector spikes during Christmas, the travel & leisure sectors do the same over the summer months. Experience and preparation counteract these challenges.


The second client is a technology software provider, who needed 24 by 7 support with call escalation processes. Arema Connect provide the 1st tier resolution support and our client provides the 2nd tier via escalation.  The main reason they decided to outsource is the 24 by 7 element. The call volume is low out of hours so they rely on well paid engineers to be on call at weekends and night time. They always had the worry of a call being missed, as a result not fulfilling their service level agreement.

The benefits are clear to see, during office hours they streamline their call management by having the call centre solve 1st tier issues and during out of hours they have a safety net that ensures that all emergency calls are dealt with.


The third new client works in the health sector providing home care support for the elderly. Due to the nature of their business it is very hands on and they need to provide 24 by 7 support for all their clients.

It is a very challenging business sector and our main brief is to support them after business hours and deal with all queries as per their procedures & processes.  The added benefit for Arema Connect is the long term partnership as they are open to restructuring their business model to outsource more hours and calls to us with the proviso that we prove ourselves with the initial contract.

All of the above contracts will be supported by our shared services team. Even though they are working in completely different sectors with different expectations our blended agents have the training, experience and trust of our clients to deliver first class service. We must deliver sales for the first client, customer support for the second and for the third we have developed a long term relationship to outsource more contracts.