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Last week we started to prepare the Christmas campaign for one of our American clients. He mentioned in one of our meetings that one of the main reasons for his renewal with us is the ‘ease of doing business with our team’. And companies in general seem to agree that it is easy to do business with Irish companies.


Ireland scored 13th position in the World Bank Group “Ease of Doing Business” ranking. Our country was located ahead of Germany, France and Spain.

outsource to ireland call centre

Furthermore, multinational companies such as Google (Dublin) or Apple (Cork) have decided to locate their European Headquarters in Ireland.


In a similar fashion, we know that small and medium sized American and Australian companies are choosing Cork or Dublin as their entry route to European Markets and to support their in-market operations.

‘American and Australian companies approach us to meet their customer care requirements in Europe. Once they meet us and discover that we are open 24 by 7, they usually divert calls to us during peak hours. This technique increases their service level and customer satisfaction’ – Pat Keogh, Arema Connect Managing Director.


Our contact centre is well known in international markets as Customer Support for exporting to Europe and Overflow services for in-house call centres. The demand of these services has increased with the e-commerce boom and the ability to ship products in short periods of time. Therefore, our team answer more and more phone calls from America and Australia. Contact us for free advice