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Our contact centre supports companies that have high levels of seasonal fluctuations. Our clients include companies that depend on the Christmas period for the vast majority of their sales, and also businesses that make the bulk of their sales transactions over the summer months.


Our contact centre team integrates with clients’ customer care and sales teams, therefore we can offer you the following five tips to effectively manage your seasonal fluctuation.
How to Manage Seasonal Fluctuation in your business

  1. Learn from previous years: What happened last year?

    What can be improved? Where did your business excel? Analyse the previous year’s performance in order to do it better this year.


  1. Plan ahead:

    Align your resources with your sales objectives. Planning ahead with a realistic perspective improves your ability to react to volume fluctuations. Increase your workforce by recruiting or outsourcing part of your workload.


  1. Support your team:

    Both your internal and your outsourced teams need to receive regular updates during the entire campaign. However, the quantity and the quality of information increases in importance when the number of orders and customer enquiries increase. Support your team by providing them with the correct information when they need it.


  1. Reward your team:

    Appreciation is a key element for a happy team. Incentivise your team by rewarding them with positive feedback when they excel in their duties and occasionally reward them with small tokens of appreciation. Happy employees = happy customers.


  1. Be honest with your clients:

    We are all human. There is nothing worse than promising a client something that is not achievable for your business. Be honest from the start and let them know that your team will do everything possible to support them (and mean it!!)