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3 tips on how to go on holidays and continue as ‘Normal’

Every year we secure new contracts from new and existing clients looking for support for their customer service team during holiday seasons. This approach works for small and large companies and guarantees service at a lower cost, compared to the expense of hiring short term staff.

Our Operations Manager (Sean Hickey) and our Financial Manager (Nuala Keogh) have 3 tips to share with you:

Prepare in advance.

Outsourcing for short or long term requires preparation. Your management and in-house customer support team (operations and trainer) can set our clear parameters on process and procedures so that the call centre team can operate as a division of your company.

This will ensure service continuity and maintain sales levels during holiday periods.

For Example we have a new client looking for cover over the Easter period and the service went live a week earlier so that we had back up in the event that an unforeseen issue arose and could be responded to immediately.

Everyone on holidays or only one at the time?

Some business owners prefer to close its office for a couple of weeks during the summer and have all its team on holidays at the same time. You can outsource a customer services division and support your customers by using a third party such as a call centre. Customer satisfaction levels will be maintained & your clients will still receive a service level and have their queries logged. Furthermore, using an FAQ procedure, we can offer first call resolution support. It’s better than having a generic voice message stating when you are returning for business.

Also, an added bonus of this preparation is that you build long lasting relationships with your call centre so you do not have to worry about the same issue every year!

Here’s an example, currently we provide holiday cover for a solicitor’s office every year for the last five years. The main office is closed and we act as their receptionist’s service, they receive all messages automatically by e-mail and have a record of all calls taken by us. Meaning: more interactions, more customers, better customer service.

Go on holidays when your clients are on holidays.

Outsource your customer support during off peak times. This approach makes sense from a financial and operations perspective. You should maximise your internal resources during peak times and ensure that your clients’ requirements are met or better exceeded. Holiday cover services usually mean basic message taking.

For example, at Arema Connect we capture all of the caller’s details and have them logged and waiting for our clients’ return. Our team also use our client’s CRM system to avoid double administration and/or clients can gain access to their messages via our online portal.

Alternatively, services can be tailor made and our team will blend with your in house team.