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Increased Popularity: A Greater Demand for Customer Service 


RTE News reported in December 2014: “Tourist spending in Ireland increases to €3.5bn in 2014” and The Irish Tourist Industry Confederation said that the “7.3 million overseas visitors to Ireland in 2014 represented the highest number in the sector in six years.”

The increase in the number of visitors is positively impacting the tourist sector including airlines, transport providers, accommodation (B&B and hotels) and retail alike. Due to the seasonality of the tourism with an increase during the summer months more and more companies are looking into outsourcing their customer support and/or looking for alternative solutions to manage their peak volumes. This includes governmental bodies and tourism operators.

Our call centre has a dedicated department to support the tourism sector. Dedicated and shared agents are made available to provide an outstanding tourist support to people who call and email requesting information.

Tourism Trends

Our experience within the touristic sector allows us to apply our lesson learned to big and small companies that are looking to outsource their customer support.

Trends detected are:

– Weekend vs. week days: Call Volume is higher during the week days (Monday to Friday) than during the weekend.
– Tourism sector phone lines are expected to be operational during the weekend including Sundays and more during the summer season.
– Call duration is longer. New questions are originated during the conversation which impacts on talk time. Repeat callers for unresolved queries are almost inexistent (0 in June 2015).
– FAQ’s are not enough. The variety of questions is higher and it requires a good access to reliable information. This includes personal advice.
– Customer Satisfaction is on overall higher. Personalisation of responses impacts in a caller experience.
– You have 76% chance of being asked about the weather in a tourist related phone call. (It is Ireland of course!)

Ireland. A special place

The latest tourism specialist to avail of our services is one of Irelands largest. We offer them a key communications and information channel for tourists, travel agents and tour operators. We enlighten their customers to the fantastic attractions around Ireland and let them know about the latest bus tours, boat trips, ancient landmarks, approved B&B’s and more.

If you want to learn more about our call centre services for tourist and leisure providers, contacts us.