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Arema Connect is one of the founding members of the Crios Group. The overriding mission of this group is to promote Ireland as a prime destination for International clients when researching and selecting their outsourcing partners.

The Crios Group is a group of leading business process outsourcing (BPO’s) companies from Ireland that partner with world class corporations to deliver unparalleled customer service experiences.

The group consists of 10 of the largest BPO providers in Ireland, each of whom are Enterprise Ireland clients. There are significant advantages for Arema Connect in being involved in this group, from the perspective of lead generation, networking and partnering with other members on specific projects.  The website is now up and running it is an easy reference site for potential clients to view our individual services and source a partner or partners.

Crios group - Arema Connect Contact Centre

Each member’s individual websites are linked to, and can be accessed directly from, this Crios Group website.  Over the next 12 months we will be attending trade fairs and conferences to promote the Crios Group and generate leads for each individual member.

Even though we are all operating in the loosely named BPO sector, each member has a unique selling point, be it multi-lingual support, 24 by 7 support, first call technical support or financial support, so there will be opportunities to collaborate and partner with other members to deliver large projects, or to work independently in delivering smaller projects.

‘The future looks very positive, and it is a huge privilege to be involved in such a unique concept. It is a testament to each of the 10 companies that this initiative has taken off after 2 years of planning and can be of enormous benefit to Ireland in creating lasting employment, in the short & longer term’ Pat Keogh MD Arema Connect

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