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Arema Connect is pleased to announce that its tourist and leisure call centre team has won a new contract.
Our new client is an adventure management company and they choose us as their preferred call centre partner in order to maximise their sales opportunities.

If they are out on surf giving lessons then they are challenges associated with taking calls in a professional manner on a surf board.

To complicate the mix it is a very seasonal business with most of their bookings being processed during the summer season. Therefore, our client required receptionist support for managing bookings and customers enquiries.

Our team have experience managing seasonal volume for small and large companies. Geraldine Mulqueen, Key Account Manager, stated:

“Tourism is a lovely area to work in. Each new client adds a new dimension to our service and keeps us focus on delivering results over a diverse range of related businesses.
We have grown our tourism sector call volume by 46% since 2014. We provide information and booking line for hotels, bed and breakfast, tours, transport, adventures activities, events and festivals and now… surfing classes too!”

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