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If your company is involved in the provision of education (i.e. books, school materials, uniform retailers, school and education providers), you are already anticipating the ‘after summer’ rush of activity in all these areas.

How a Call Centre can help your back to School / College campaign?

Customer support for education providers

September (or more likely the end of August) is THE MONTH when everything must be ready and kids prepared for the return to education. September is the month when all your product details and course details should already be finalised & in place.


Arema Connect has significant experience in working with education providers including colleges, institutes of technology, and education related products (books, uniforms…). Over the years we have observed and adapted our services to facilitate this sector’s key trends:-

Activities peaks:

Number of enquiries (telephone calls and e-mails) increases in specific months of the year. An increase is detected during the pre-registration period, exams period and graduation time. Students and parents are eager to obtain information about your services and products; and there is nothing more frustrating that been unable to access to the information required. Many Education Providers are currently outsourcing their student / course client support to us. The key benefit for them is our ability to ramp up and down as required in order to be cost effective, and at the same time productive. Key questions for you:

  1. Are you missing calls?
  2. Do you have resources available when they are required?
  3. Are your core employees being distracted with calls unrelated to their main duties?

Information required:

Over 87% of the enquiries received in 2014 by our education support team were frequently asked question. These included opening hours, deadlines for registration, delivery times for education material, price and fee information requests and other information related to courses. Our team escalated the other 13% of the enquiries to relevant employees including admission office, lecturers and administrative staff. Outsourcing the first line of your customer support improves productivity by reducing distractions and enabling your team to focus on core processes.

Customer Contact point:

Telephone is still the preferred contact channel for the majority of students/parents. However, other channels such as e-mail, social media and live chat are increasing in popularity. For general information, these three channels account for a large number of interactions. Usually, these enquiries involve looking for links or documents that can be viewed in desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Telephone is still the main channel for more challenging or important enquiries such as scholarships, discounts and payments options.


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