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‘A Telephone Mystery Shopping Case Study’

Project description:

We were commissioned by our Market Research Partner to complete a Mystery Shopping project for their client on all branches in the Republic of Ireland. This company has over 10 branches throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland and they rent cars to various sectors.

They wanted to analyse staff performance across all the branches and have an independent analysis on their current situation in relation to receptionist skills.

The Mystery shopping exercise included:

  1. Agent Quality Audit
  2. Consistency of Corporate Message
  3. Agents Skills and Accurate Information
  4. Service Level of different agents in different branches

Our brief was to contact all the branches over a 6 month period and ring each branch 8 times per month. We needed to use different profiles depending on our client’s requests.

Staff involved:

Pat Keogh formulated the mystery shopping assignment and schedule of works in conjunction with our client.

Kelley Phelan was their Key Account Manager and she trained our team and liaised with our client on the field research criteria and parameters of the contract.

Silvia Planella compiled the field research & analysed the data. Our end of month report was provided to our client with subjective and objectives findings clearly analysed so that they could present the report to their client.

Project outcome:

Our client was able to present a detailed report of the mystery shopping exercise. The data gathered allowed them to recommend a new training program for the car rental company. Our research identified certain elements that needed to be addressed in order for them to deliver a uniform message across all branches.

The project was delivered on time and the measures recommended have resulted in a more efficient training program being implemented by their client.

The name of our client has been kept anonymous for this case study; however, references can be provided.

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