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“Retail Managers! Support your your loyal customers with a 24 by 7 multichannel customer support”

With over 14 years experience in the Contact Centre arena, Pat Keogh – Arema Connect Managing Director- provides you with four tips to support your customers. Pat has over 25 year experience in the sales sector worked in the retail sector for 10 years.


Pat-Keogh-Small2-2012“Customers require support before, during and after the purchase of any retail product” – Pat Keogh, Arema Connect Managing Director


Different type of enquiries, different types of channels:

Our own experience shows that customer will use different channels to validate their purchasing decision when buying a product and/ or looking for after sales support. 80% of your customers will use at least two different contact channels during the buying process.


Internet sales require 24 by 7 support:

Online sales can be really lucrative allowing you to reach a larger audience and having your ‘shop’ open around the clock. Convenience is becoming the norm. Customers are going online placing an order and via phone, webchat or e-mail expect their queries to be answered immediately.



Create loyal buyers:

Focus on upselling and repeat business. Loyal customers will be the driver for your business in the long term. Recommendations and referrals are cost effective ways to increase your customer base. How to create loyal customers? Ensure that the buying experience at every stage is enjoyable for your customers. Go that extra mile in everything you do.


Integrate Customer Support:

An active communication flow across all departments will ensure customer satisfaction levels. Every department needs to be kept uptodate on all sales & marketing promotions so that there is a uniform message and increase in demand is expected and planned for in advance.



Arema Connect has multiple clients in the retail sector. Check our retail sector page for information of contact centre and market research services available.