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Summer Holidays Telephone Answering Service is the solution!

When your receptionist or customer service team take summer holidays it is quite expensive to hire staff to cover for them. By outsourcing to a BPO company such as a call centre you will save on costs while maintaining your standards over the holiday period.

Call centres are flexible. Customer service staff can take a vacation but that doesn’t mean that your support lines have to suffer. Let a call centre take your calls and offer a seamless work flow process during busy periods.

But I am not expecting many calls?

That doesn’t matter; you only pay for what you use.

I need email/live chat support also.

The technology and dedicated agents are available on a multi channel support service.

We don’t need 24 by 7 services.

It is a nice touch to have a voice at the end of the phone. Try having 24 by 7 customer service for a couple of months; it may give you results that will convince you 24/7 is the way to go!

How long will it take for a Call Centre to get to grips with my product/service?

I can speak for Arema Connect when I say that we have trainers certified with FETAC level ‘Train The Trainer’ courses and as members of the Contact Centre Management Association of Ireland. our standards are very high with regards to meeting our clients’ expectations.

What happens when our receptionist comes back?

Then our job is done. You can go back to the way you where if you wish. We at Arema Connect like to build long lasting relationships with our clients so that if you should need us in the future due to illness, holidays, unforeseen circumstances (floods, power outages) etc. we will be here to carry the load. Some of our clients have chosen to use us as an afterhours service when their in-house team is finished for the day.

The summer months can get expensive for SME’s with overheads like hiring part time staff. A call centre can take the weight off your shoulders by offering bespoke customer service at a fraction of the in-house cost. Your business can then continue to operate in a professional manner while also reaping the benefits of maintaining upselling opportunities. As we now near the month of April it is certainly something to think about.