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At present customers are pressing companies for 24 by 7 customer support. This means your in-house team are under pressure to have bodies available outside the regular 9 to 5 timeframe. Outsourcing to a 24 by 7 call centre that offers a 365 day customer support solution may be the answer.

Call Centres Partnering with Clients to provide 360 degree cover

The pressure is also on call centres themselves to provide 24/7 service. You miss out on a massive amount of business if your call centre is business hours only.  It is becoming an industry standard, in retail especially, due to companies trying to localise their business by catering for different time zones.

The Solution

The solution is building partnerships with fellow call centres. The key factor to note here is that these partnerships create more business for your centre as now you can guarantee 24/7 service when  contacting potential clients.

Secondly it is a cost effective solution, it will cost you far less to outsource than the overheads associated with hiring permanent and part-time staff. Also you only pay for what you use i.e. the number of calls received during the period or the number of dedicated agents you need.

Office hours customer support vs 24 by 7 customer support