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Aligning your marketing and customer care strategies together will impact your business growth rate positively. How can you achieve this? Four key elements are shared between marketers and customer representatives and they answer the 5 key questions: Who? What? When? How? Where?

Who is the customer?


A better understanding of your customer will improve your marketing results and customer satisfaction levels. Marketing promotions try to engage your customers, create brand loyalty and increase sales. Customer representatives listen to customer feedback on a daily basis. Aligning both perspectives will allow you to build a customer profile and target them more effectively.


How could your business align marketing and customer care?

  • Get your marketing team to listen to a sample of customer care calls
  • Involve your marketing team during the creation of the customer care charter
  • Before launching your marketing campaign include the customer care team in the decision making process.
  • Ask your customer care team to outline the nature of their calls
  • Use net promoter score and other customer satisfaction metrics for market research purposes

What content best fits your customer?

Content marketing is on the rise in all marketing departments. The idea of personalization and providing relevant information has being welcomed by marketing managers. However, it is nothing new. Your Customer Service & Sales Division have worked on developing this ‘personal relationship’ for decades. Your marketing department should align themselves to best practices done in the customer care departments.


How would your business align marketing and customer care?

  • Personalization: use the first name
  • To the point: First call resolution – First contact sale
  • Satisfaction: Focus on making your customers happy
  • Professionalism: Tone and manners


When should the customer be reached?

Marketing and customer care need to understand what is the customer doing now. Learn what their current needs are in order to provide the appropriate solution.


How and where to reach the customer?

Multichannel customer service and multi platform marketing channels follow the same reasoning. Customer service has to support customers when needed  – website, social media, shop, phone – and this can be done through different channels such as live chat, telephone , e-mail, Facebook, twitter, text messages… Similarly the marketing department will use different channels to promote services & products and to create brand awareness – TV advertisement, online adds, Facebook pages, twitter profiles, online competitions…


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