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Cater for more

Global localization or Glocalization as it has been branded. There is a McDonalds in 118 countries worldwide, but that is a brick and mortar example, the internet is accessible globally through a multitude of devices tablets, smartphones, PCs and many more channels. This means as an e-commerce manager or owner you have customers from a wide variety of time zones. This is the first reason you should consider partnering with a reputable call centre. Head office opening hours in Europe is not much use to a customer in Australia with a point of sales question.

Increase your Sales

By offering customer support for customers in multiple countries and time zones you will have an opportunity for service more customers and increase sales. This has to be considered, especially for holidays such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Singles’ Day in China. There is also the option of live chat. This significantly decreases shopping cart abandonment rates and is visually pleasing on your website which keeps customers on your site for longer. Apart from different time zones, you will see a sales increase in your own country. A large number of buyers will surf the web after work and this relaxed atmosphere leads to inquisitive customers. David Robinson, Chief Operating Officer at Argos, explains: “Customer shopping habits are changing fast and more and more are wanting the convenience of shopping on-the-go or in front of the TV in the evening…”

Reduce Stress

Leave work at 5 pm safe in the knowledge that your customers are being taken care of throughout the night. You are in control as most call centres have real-time logging software so that you can view customer activity as they are logged by your outsources partners team. If you’re heavily involved in sales you can also have calls escalated to you after business hours. When you hire a call centre you hire a team of skilled agents ready to be the focal point of your customer service/technical support. This is all done for a fraction of the price of hiring the staff yourself. By availing of this service, you will grow your business by competing for more customers while also being able to offer a 24/7 customer support service.   

  Afterhours Customer Support Benefits