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Overflow call centre service lets you deal with peaks in demand while keeping your costs under control. It looks like a good idea? It gets better!

The technology is there for seamless integration, why not use it! Here are 5 reasons you should:

Support for Advertising  / Media Campaigns – Call Peaks under control

If you are running a TV or radio campaign then you can obviously expect an increase in call volume. By outsourcing, you capture as many leads as possible. Dramatically increase your

  • Sales Conversion Rates
  • Advertising Channel – Return On Investment Analysis
  • Brochure requests captured
  • Sales Orders processed on a 24 by 7 basis
  • Customer Profiling and Database Creation & Management

Improve customer satisfaction levels

Call overflow management will allow you the luxury of answering your customers queries on a 24 by 7 basis and gain a USP over your competitors. This leads to advocates of your brand and loyal customers. A good overflow call centre will offer customer service which is indistinguishable from your in-house team and deliver first class customer support.

Cost benefits, no need to hire temporary staff

Not only can you reduce the training costs and everything else that goes along with hiring new staff, you can also increase sales simply by being able to handle higher volumes of calls. There is also no need to hire part time staff for sickness cover and annual leave.

Build a long term relationship with an ‘Outsourcing Partner’

An overflow call centre can integrate with your sales ordering system, CRM systems & delivery tracking systems. This will allow you options in the future if you wish to expand and need a full time call centre to offer 24/7 service.


By their nature overflow call centres are adaptable. This is with regards to the operating hours and number of agents you require. We at Arema Connect operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our blended agents have the soft skills needed to take calls from a wide range of sectors; we handle technical issues related to products as well as customer service issues pertaining to deliveries, refunds and after sales support. By outsourcing during peak periods you too become adaptable to the fluctuations in call volumes your call centre/in-house team receives.

In today’s competitive marketplace services like overflow management mean that there is no longer an excuse for high abandon rates and long waiting times. The technology to enhance your customers buying experience is there to compliment your market offering,, so why not cut your costs whilst improving customer service at the same time.


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  • Peak Time Management: If you have a reduced staff count over a holiday period, during weekends, at peak periods it is definitely worth considering ‘Outsourcing’ the overflow to relieve the pressure on your in-house or contact centre team.
  • Overflow Management: If your team is too busy to answer the phone within three rings or within a certain amount of time (specified by you) the overflow call centre agents can answer in your business’ name.
  • Call Logging Integration: The overflow call centre can also integrate with your system so you can view the note’s the agents have taken during the call. If a call cannot be resolved or it is an urgent call the agents can escalate/transfer the caller, as per your policies and procedures.