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“The pharma industry is not an island, yet it has acted as such for decades. Reform as seen in other industries is now needed to catch up and create cost savings as well as improve performance, at the same time as overcoming the challenges of being a controlled consumer market.” – This is the starting statement for the Pharma Summit Event hold on the 26th of February in London.


Clearly, this statement summarises the key problem that pharmaceutical leaders and companies are having at present. The question on everyone’s mind is: “How do we achieve high quality pharmacovigilance within a cost saving framework?”


A Call Center for ADR’s (adverse drug reactions) and more

We don’t have the “ultimate solution” for all aspects of the pharma industry. However, our experience as  a call center for pharmacovigilance, adverse event patient reporting and customer support allows our team to provide you with 3 key solutions.

1. Outsource Pharmacovigilance

2. Support 24 by 7 from one Call centre

3. Integrate Systems


Arema Connect

Our agents are working with our pharmaceutical client’s for over 14 years to provide pharmacovigilance support. Information such as the adverse effects and their drug dosage are recorded. Adverse events are critical so regardless of how implausible the event it must be reported in case their drug is causing a reaction.

By outsourcing to a call center you answer the question we raised at the start. It does this by offering a high quality pharmacovigilance service within a cost saving framework.

For more information please see our Case Study