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Traditionally the call centre has been used by businesses selling to customer’s (B2C) for various reasons. Nowadays, this trend is quickly changing and call centre ‘s are increasing the importance of the Business to Business environment.

A call center offers worthwhile business solutions for your B2B company.

As you know:

  • You have a smaller and more focused market
  • Trust is important
  • Involved in multi-step buying processes and longer sales cycles
  • Rational when it comes to buying decisions
  • Change of supplier is a slow decision


These are the reasons that make a B2B call centre so important.

Your clients are looking for a supplier that ticks the following boxes:

1. A Trustworthy Team:

Professional and reliable Call Center

Quick response time with a professional touch. Inquiries have to be escalated quickly to the relevant person within your organization at any time. Buyers and clients may no expected a solution straight away; however, they expect to be able to talk to someone as soon as possible. A professional and reliable customer support team that is aware of updates of your service and business, will project the trust elements for your company. Meet the team here.

2. A Supportive Team during all the buying process:

Multi-channel Sales Inquiries Contact Center

Business to business and business to customer companies require similar contact channels for their customer support but the interactions themselves are different with regards to formality and mind-set.  B2B buyers will require basic information that can be gathered on your website, some case studies, a brochure or presentation, a detailed proposal, a meeting and so on. This mean that they may try to reach you through different channels depending of their buying stage. For example, if they are looking on your website, they may engage on a chat for informal information, or they may use your contact form for a formal inquiry. It is important that a quick response is provided. Speed is the key through any contact channel. So a Call Centre can provide this speed while you tailor made your approach with a more detailed response if it is required.

A call center is in the unique position of having customer and business links on each campaign they undertake. This knowledge of both parties leads to satisfied customers. Call Center Services here


3. A team that it is there when it is needed:

24 by 7 Customer Support

All day, all night… your client may want to place an order, report a fault or ask for information at any stage and you want to be there to answer so you get their business. An outsourced call centre gives you the opportunity of answering their inquiries at any time. Trust will be won by answering your customers in a timely manner. Discover our Added value here

4. A Knowledgeable team to support Rational Decisions

Access to the right information at the right time

Your team is always the best one to support rational decisions and provide the degree of expertise to close a deal. A B2B call centre can enhance your business image (more if you are a SME) by managing your diary and providing secretarial services. Clients are looking for your expertise and as an expert on your business area, they will understand that you are in meetings and out the office every now and then. Your call centre team can be the first level support and they can escalate more complicated queries to your team. This will improve your turn around and free some time in your agenda.

Download some of our B2B case studies to learn more about our B2B Call Centre Customer Support Solutions here.