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B2B and B2C call centre

B2C – Business to Customer Call Center transactions

In many regards a call center can fall in the middle of B2B and B2C. In business to customer cases a business looks for leading customer support from a call center to satisfy their customers, hence the contact center becomes a vital link between the business and the buyer. A third party BPO company provides effective business solutions to ensure customer support meets both the businesses and customers’ expectations.

A call center does this by offering a wide array of channels in which a customer can contact their product/service provider. These include:   –

These services bring customers closer to the business in which they are looking to buy from and in return this presents upselling opportunities, repeat business and customer loyalty. B2C companies make up the majority of call center clients due to the higher contact rates and higher volume of interactions. In these instances a call center agent must have excellent product/service knowledge and ensure that the companies brand is represented correctly.

B2C customers:

  • Are product driven
  • They want to make the most of the transaction
  • Are a very large market
  • Have a single step buying process
  • Brand identity created through repetition and imagery
  • Buy based on emotions, status, desire, or price


B2B – Business to Business Call Center transactions

A call center can also offer worthwhile business solutions for B2B companies. In these cases a call center can offer all the channels mentioned above but the mind-set must change when dealing with business to business customers. They are:

  • More relationship driven
  • They want to maximise the value of the relationship between both parties
  • A smaller and more focused market
  • Involved in multi-step buying processes and longer sales cycles
  • Rational when it comes to buying decisions

Business to business and business to customer companies require similar contact channels for their customer support but the interactions themselves are different with regards to formality and mind-set. A call center is in the unique position of having customer and business links on each campaign they undertake. This knowledge of both parties leads to satisfied customers.