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One can clearly associate a call centre with inbound services (aka customer service) but there are many outbound features to consider also. Outbound marketing and database management campaigns can be easily achieved over a short period of time for a wide variety of sectors. The advantage of using a BPO company such as a call centre is that they are thought leaders when it comes to customer interactions.

Market Research

By doing research over the phone you get more detailed answers as opposed to online. The main thing to consider here is the accuracy of the answers and also the fact that your audience will be more captivated. A common survey may ask a question such as:

market research survey

The call centre agent simply ticks the appropriate response in relation to the answer given; this will help generate easy to follow graphs and charts. More importantly, the “added comments” section will give each survey added value and these comments are generally easier to get when done verbally with the audience.

These market research surveys can be used to make tactical decisions, identify areas that need improving and also show customers that their voice is being heard. The call centre approach is to complete these campaigns within a chosen time scale while using their conversational skills & people skills.

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Database Management

Old databases can be revamped through a simple outbound campaign. Furthermore, a call centre outbound campaign can be used for data entry. For example, if you want a quick and easy way to contact all the customers on your database about a free information pack that can be sent to them, a call centre can confirm if they are interested or not whilst confirming their address.

Outbound campaigns carried out by BPO companies like call centres allow for timely completion times and professional service. Moreover they can be tailored specifically for mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys and much more.