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On the 19th of December, Call Management held our internal Call Centre awards at Clancy’s restaurant in Cork. We had a 3-course meal which was enjoyed by all. It was a great night and spirits were high as previously that day the Secret Santa gifts were given out to all the participants. Our agents also decided to all deck themselves out in festive gear such as Christmas jumpers and Christmas hats.

Call Management 2014 Awards

The awards themselves were for:

  • Biggest contributor
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Part time
  • Happy Camper
  • Most Helpful Colleague

And the winners were ‘drum roll’…

Biggest contributor: Liz Phelan

Best Newcomer: Geraldine Mulqueen

Best Part time: Martina Henkel

Happy Camper: Amanda Phelan

Most Helpful Colleague: Najoua Bakkali

Call Management 2014 Awards

Congratulations to all the winners, they have all brought something unique to our Call Centre over the last 12 months which improved morale and increased productivity. We have had a busy winter and it was made a lot more enjoyable by the great comradery within the call centre, may it continue into 2015 and beyond. Have a Joyous Christmas, from us all here at Call Management.