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We are having our annual Christmas party on the 19th of December. It is a time for reflection and appreciation of a great team of people. Organising informal social occasions outside the workplace improves team building and boosts rapport. One rule perhaps… no conversations about work for the night! It never works out that way but it gets good conversations flowing.

We will also be staging our internal awards ceremony. Earlier in December, a leaflet was sent out to everyone’s desk in the office. On this leaflet they could vote for the “Happy Camper” of the office (the person who is always smiling and in good spirits), the “Most Helpful”, “Biggest Contributor to the Office” and more. There will be no big media fuss over the ceremony but it is a great way of acknowledging and appreciating people.

happy Christmas 2014 from Arema Connect

Our call centre has also embraced secret Santa again this year. The gifts will be given out at the party and kept anonymous. It’s a nice and amusing way to bring the year to a close. Also, the very best of luck to all of you hosting and attending Christmas parties this December.

Merry Christmas from Arema Connect!