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This year has been a busy one for call centres. The retail industry has picked up and customers are contacting with more ease and frequency than ever before. Our phones have been hopping and our live chats have been dinging but we would have it no other way.

As we prepare for our Christmas party, it is time to reflect on some of the changes that have happened over the last year. Call Management have welcomed new staff from a multitude of countries as well as new clients from different corners of the globe. It certainly hasn’t been a dull year.


We have seen that first call resolution (FCR) has become more important that average handling time (AHT). Due to higher contact volumes and customers wanting immediate responses it has become increasingly important that repeat calls and escalations are kept to a minimum. This allowed us to handle more cases in the long run.

Multi-Channel & Omni channel

The big development is that customers from now on live in a “real-time” context; they expect Omni channel customer support and faster response times. Call centres such as us have seen an increased demand in live chat services for this reason, and email support is no less important than before, it is still a close second to telephone answering services. One interesting thing we have found with live chat is that an audio alert to go along with a visual alert increases response times further. Also rotating the live chat duties to different agents around the office lifts enthusiasm and focus.

Continuous Communication

We spoke a lot with our client colleagues this year via conference calls, email etc. This was beneficial to both parties. Just as customers need immediate solutions the same applies to B2B communication. We are fortunate that all our dedicated points of contact within companies are friendly and welcoming. The increased communication allowed us to be proactive and handle issues before they arose.

2014 has been a thought provoking year in many ways. For years leaders in the field have touted live chat as the future of customer service and this year has seen an increase. Will this trend continue? Or will email and phone services remain the leading channels. Either way, we at Call Management will continue to adapt to different call centre trends and maintain industry standards for years to come.