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Retailers both online and in-store are in preparation for an extremely busy Christmas and January. Gaining a competitive advantage over the competition may be as simple as answering a customer’s query or pointing them in the right direction on the first time of asking. By taking advantage of a call centre a merchant can maximise the number of upselling opportunities they take advantage of and also create advocates for the company (these advocates will ensure new customer retention post-Christmas instead of a one time deal).

Answering a customer’s questions rapidly and comprehensively ensures a smooth Christmas for you and your customers. A Call Center can achieve this through a variety of ways:

Message Taking

Instead of taking multiple calls and thus missing out on custom in the process, a call centre can set a retailer up with a message taking service. This service ensures that issues are condensed and sent on to you. This optimises time management and customer turnaround. It is done by the call centre agents taking the messages and forwarding them to you straight away so every customer is dealt with during busy periods.

Live Chat

The application of live web chat removes the threat of shopping cart abandonment significantly. The questions are usually FAQ’s which helps free your in-house team to take more complex questions. It’s an immediate solution for customers who want quick answers.

24/7 Customer Support

Know that your customers are being looked after even when you’re sleeping.  A call centre can deal with calls from Australia, America, Europe and other various time zones to certify that customers can always contact a representative of your company.

Email Support

It has remained one of the most popular ways to contact customers. Call centres provide grammatically correct timely responses that save you time and create more upselling opportunities. 41 per cent of consumers expect an email response within six hours. Only 36 per cent of retailers actually respond that quickly…and 14 percent never respond at all [Source].

Telephone Answering Services

It is the backbone of customer service. Customer interactions over the phone must be professional and cordial. Call centres can increase first call resolutions dramatically and create customer loyalty by implementing their experience.

Christmas Retail Customer Services: Why Outsource?

Utilise one of if not all of these services and significantly increase the number of customer interactions that you can handle. This will allow for more upselling opportunities and therefore create more revenue for your business during Christmas /January.

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