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The fundamentals of business do not change:

  • Have a solid vision
  • A Desirable Product/Service
  • Identify your customers
  • Internal Communication
  • Thorough Planning
  • Having the Right People around you
  • Organisation
  • Being able to Adapt and Evolve

What do change are customer trends, preferences and technology. If a business is willing and able to adapt to changes in customer behaviour and technological trends then they will ensure a fruitful 2015.

It is always a good idea to evaluate where you are and where you want to be by reviewing targets and setting new ones. One tip is to be open to new methods that can improve your establishment.

Here are 10 ways your business can improve in 2015:

10 ways a Company can improve in 2015 by Arema Connect

Improve Customer Service

Modern day buyers expect top class customer service. They are more powerful than ever due to the options available to them. One option available to the retailer is outsourcing to a call centre as it is cost effective and improves the volume of calls that can be handled.

Have Multiple Channels of Communication

Customers are surrounded by technology and all kinds of different communication methods. This means that you need to provide “real-time” responses as much as possible. This can be achieved by implementing live chat for your website. The majority of customers are on your website when they contact.

Market Research

Studying your marketplace is the only way to understand customer trends and preferences. 2015 may be different than what you are expecting, so it is important to keep your progress aligned with your marketplace.

Keeping Records

This aligns with market research. By keeping up to date and accurate records a company can quickly identify patterns both internally and in the marketplace. It is a good idea to evaluate these patterns quarterly to determine what is working and what is not.

Feature your Customers in your Content

Companies like Soda Stream are great at putting their fans in the spotlight. Social media is a great place to find advocates of your company and identifying the most important customers of all, repeat customers.

Send the Unexpected

If you identify a customer who has contributed a lot to your company, forum or campaign then why not send them a thank you message. This is a great way of associating your company with great customer experiences. Also, think of how some companies send happy birthday messages etc.

Staff Motivation

Another way you can grow profitability and productivity is by introducing innovative ways to motivate staff. There are many ways to achieve this. One approach is career opportunities such as one on one coaching, training and upskilling opportunities. Another approach is simply praising a job well done through verbal praise or rewards such as time off.


Be more convenient than your competitors. This means making the buying process as easy as possible for customers. This also links back to market research and customer service. This is because knowing what is important for your customers is vital to making their experiences good ones. For example, there is no point offering ‘2 for 1’ deals if your customers are more interested in shipping costs.

Embrace Feedback

Advice from co-workers, business associates and customers can be priceless. It is important to be open towards constructive criticism as it encourages progress instead of stagnation.


It is not something you can practice or buy, but it can be discovered. Group meetings where ideas are vocalised and peoples input are listened to can act as a catalyst for innovation. New ideas can sometimes come from unlikely sources so it is important to give everyone a chance to speak up.

The New Year brings with it new challenges but also new opportunities for growth and expansion. By implementing these 10 ideas you can innovate and adapt in your chosen sector.