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There are so many different pieces in of customer service pie. It is not as simple as in-store interactions anymore. With the tremendous success eBusiness has had over the last decade also including applications such as click & collect becoming more popular, the customer has so many channels of interaction they can utilize. The modern day customer requires two different types of 360 degree support. There is the all-round office hours, after hours and 24/7 support. Additionally there is the all-inclusive pre during and after sales support.

360 degree communication


It is expected that, during a customer’s lifecycle, that there is multiple channels of communication lines which are available all year round. A call centre can support your in-house team by providing this cover. The modern day call centre is well equipped to deal with the demands of customers, especially coming up to Christmas. They offer multiple channels such as email and live chat to go along with the standard telephone answering service.

The process of outsourcing is hassle free and cost effective. It eliminates the need to hire new staff at peak periods, this means no recruitment costs, no training costs and no wages cost just one payment for 360 degree customer service.

There is nothing quite like great customer service to boost sales. Check out this article ‘10 Ways to Boost your Sales Online through great Customer Service’. A call centre can provide these to complete 360 degree service for your business this holiday season