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The solution is outsourcing to an overflow call centre. In essence it is all about increasing customer satisfaction levels. During the Christmas period customers tend to be under a certain amount of stress to complete shopping or dealing with unforeseen hitches. They do not want to be kept waiting when they call in with a query, emergency etc.

Traditionally companies could close up over Christmas and carry on as normal when the festivities are over in January but the marketplace has changed. Clients can be more demanding and in some sectors expect support over Christmas.

A call centre will provide you with first-rate customer service that handles overflow telephone calls and emails during the extremely busy Christmas period. A professional customer service team will relieve the pressure on your in-house staff by taking calls at peak periods.

If your in-house team are too busy to answer the phone within 15 seconds (or a time of your choosing) call centre agents will answer in your business’ name. Now that’s a great way to ensure customers get the service they deserve and you maintain a good public image.

May you have considered hiring new staff? Sounds reasonable, but outsourcing to a call centre means you cut the training costs and save a lot of time recruiting.

Having a large increase in call/email volume this Christmas is a good thing; it means your business is thriving. Answer every call be utilizing a call centre this holiday season!

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