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Market research is essential for SME’s and MNC’s alike. The analysis of your customers is often a spur to spawn new ideas or the creation of new products/services. Market research eliminates a lot of ‘guess work’ and instead gives you concrete evidence in the form of facts and figures, more importantly, it reveals opportunities.

Market Research provides Cost Effective Business Solutions

Over the phone market research in the form of questionnaires and surveys is one way to analyse customer data or implement ‘customer science’. The issue is you need to reach as many customers and potential customers as possible, this can be difficult for an in-house team to accomplish. The population of your desired respondents may be in the thousands, especially in retail.

The Call Centre Solution

The popular consensus is that if you don’t have the staff in-house you outsource to a BPO company with the facilities to carry out said service. A call centre is an ideal place to implement a survey or questionnaire.

  • A wider reach: A call centre can reach a far greater audience in a shorter period of time due to the dedicated agents appointed to the task and the sheer hours of time spent.
  • Experience: Call centres are customer centric organisations and know how to manage conversations in a way that maximises the accuracy and validity of the market research.
  • Databases: There is a higher level of database management in call centres. This is down to the large amounts of customer information a call centre handles every day (names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses …). This ensures that customers who can’t take the call can be offered the opportunity to be called back at a better time. Furthermore, a customer that has no desire to complete the survey can be taken off your database or notes can be written.

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