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We are all delighted to announce that Arema Connect  & Call Management have been nominated for the CCMA awards 2014! The CCMA are thought leaders in the call centre sector, they promote growth and recognise the work of managers, trainers, team leaders, agents, directors and supervisors in BPO companies. Their latest figures show that there is over 40,000 people employed in the Irish Contact Centre, BPO and Shared Services industry sector. This demonstrates that companies are outsourcing business processes with more regularity. In essence, if you do not have the in-house team to allow for expansion or optimal performance then outsourcing is the answer, it allows for growth without high-cost ventures such as relocating.


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This year’s research conducted by the CCMA stated that 39% plan to introduce live chat and 21% plan to introduce an SMS communication. Arema Connect has been proactive regarding these channels and has utilised them for many years now but there is always improvements that can be made. For example, a new network server has been installed in our offices and a new call logging system will be implemented by the end of November. Technology can help or hinder your business depending on whether you are up to date with it. With regards to call centres, it is absolutely vital to match the channels customers expect to be available.
Being nominated is a testament to the hard work we have done to grow and evolve over the last 12 months. We can only pause for a moment to reminisce before heading into 2015 where we want to improve once again.


Photos of the award ceremony coming soon…