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Online retail sales rocket up at Christmas; it’s no surprise nowadays with the deals available online and accessibility of the internet. A KPMG survey discovered that online trade represented 19% of non-food sales in December 2013 in the UK. It’s important for retailers to take a cross-channel approach to sales this Christmas and “click & collect” is an innovative way to do this. It combines the comfort of online shopping with the physical in-store experience. The popularity of this application has risen due to the unpredictability of delivery services, people don’t want to have to stay at home and wait for deliveries with work etc. and then there is the dreaded “you weren’t at home when I called” note found upon returning home. Click and collect has grown in popularity because it is convenient, here are some of the key factors:

  • No delivery charges
  • Saves time
  • Purchasers get to physically touch the product in-store
  • Stores can upsell, consumers usually spend an extra 27% of the value of the original order on other items in the store
  • Increased footfall

A call centre can be integrated with click and collect pre-sale, post-sale and during the sale.

Customer Support for “Click and Collect”

Live chat can be used to convince buyers who are on the brink of purchase. During Christmas time people often buy with other people in mind and may have some straightforward questions to ask. By having a portal on your website that allows for immediate answers to these questions you will increase sales.

Live chat has often been touted as the future of customer service but email and telephone answering services still dominate the sector.

E-mail and telephone customer support can be used to aid your in-store staff as well as the consumers themselves. Orders placed online must be confirmed with the customer quickly and email is the kingpin of this area. Your in-store staff can also be notified of the deliveries to speed up the process greatly.

The whole reason customers use click & collect is because it eliminates waiting times so they do not want to be stalled for a minute if your staff are caught unawares by a purchaser.

It is about connecting customer experiences across a multitude of channels and making their buying experience as seamless as possible by supporting them all the way with live chat, email and over the phone.

A call centre can achieve this because it is a one-stop-shop for all your customer service needs. With Christmas around the corner, this is one preparation technique that will pay off big time.

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