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The Ohio Department of Health has initiated a 24-hour-a-day call centre to answer questions regarding the Ebola virus. A call centre has also been set up in Indiana and in the western African country of Liberia. This raises the importance of a call centre as a hub for mass communication for emergency healthcare reporting.

Ebola is understandably so frightening because of the contagious nature of the virus and having people voicing their concerns / queries over the phone, through email and live chat is obviously a more sanitised way to communicate during these worrying times. It raises the question, what other areas of healthcare can benefit from using a call centre.


Drug safety is always on the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry. The collection and detection of adverse drug reactions can be done using call centres as data mining organisations. By utilising a call centre a pharmaceutical company or healthcare agent can guarantee that they receive only the most relevant cases from the call centre, therefore saving valuable time and effort. Furthermore when all these reports are viewed after a period of time certain patterns are learned which shows that call centres can also aid in the research department.

Call Centre Solutions for the Health and Pharmaceutical Sector

Healthcare Campaigns

This would be more of a government scheme but some private companies may also offer free trials or screenings for people fitting certain criteria. For example, there may be a campaign to send out Bowel screening kits to people between the ages of 50 – 70. This campaign may be accompanied by an advertisement on the television or radio. This will obviously drive up the popularity and in turn the number of patients that need to be dealt with. Call centres have the software systems, staff and 24/7 capabilities in place to be the all-important ‘man-in-the-middle’ that ensures all relevant information from point A reaches point B quickly and accurately.

For example, a Call Centres can take 5,000 enquiries, reduce that to perhaps 150 relevant cases that need further attention, and then this information can be neatly presented to an organisation or GP in a well-organized structure.

In conclusion, call center provide time saving solutions that are critical in the healthcare sector.