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We are on the brink of winter and therefore nearing the busiest time of the year for retailers and they are now counting the holiday season in terms of weeks rather than months. The number of Black Friday and Thanksgiving shoppers has been consistently rising by the millions. This is putting extra pressure on delivery companies and customer support has never been so important. With the growing popularity of ‘click and collect’ and with the holiday season starting earlier and earlier your business will need reliable lines of communication for customers to utilize. A Call Center can provide you with this.

A loyal customer is the top prize for retail businesses; these customers give you repeat business but more importantly, they spread the word, they advertise for you and market for you by word of mouth and social media. It’s a great way to set up for Christmas and also great for keeping customers after it finishes. An experienced accredited Call Center will do this by doing all the hard work for your customers so they feel above all satisfied. retail image

During your customers’ lifecycle you will go through these peak holiday periods and it is how you support them through your busiest times is how your company will be remembered for them. It’s about being efficient. When a customer calls they want to be listened to not just heard, they want their issue to be solved on the first call with a balance of professionalism and personalisation.

Customer care is more important in the retail sector than many other sectors due to the fact that you need to be there pre-sale, post-sale and during the sale.



How a Call Center Can Improve Customer Experience

By outsourcing to a Call Center you will be open office hours, after-hours and/or 24/7. This will maximise the number of customers that you can communicate with this Christmas and therefore have an advantage over your competitors.


High-quality pre-sale information lines can be supported through channels such as live chat to bring in new customers this Christmas. Sales inquiries need to be taken care of with immediacy and channels such as live chat achieve this. A customer-centric telephone answering service (information line) for sales calls such as bookings, orders etc. will create loyal customers which guarantees repeat business for after Christmas. Furthermore, an experienced and trustworthy call centre can also provide bespoke post-sale customer support for issues including refunds, deliveries, emergency calls etc. Post-sales support is where customers are retained and positive feedback is shared on social media which boosts your company image.

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