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Sport is a great way of letting your hair down and having fun. We are launching our first ‘Indoor Soccer Tournament’ next week and if it is a success with no long lasting injuries we will make this an annual event.


Sport is a great way to build team spirit and get to know our colleagues outside the working environment.


In order to make it interesting for everyone, we are loading the events to include a soccer tournament, penalty shootout and our Operations Manager has been won the vote to act as goalkeeper (Best of luck Sean!) There will be other sports involved throughout the day including a basketball free throw tournament and a Poc Fada. For those wondering Poc Fada is Irish for “long puck”. It is a tradition in the game of hurling.
Finally there is the “trendiest outfit” award. I personally have a serious lack of fashion knowledge but I am definitely looking forward to seeing some of the ensembles on show.


The one thing that is apparent here at Call Management is that everyone has a great sense of humour which is why there is such a great harmony in the Call Center.


Of course we will be adjourning to a nearby wateringhole to have a post match analysis and discussing over a cup of tea!!