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By using a Call Centre your Property Management Company can close the door this Christmas and enjoy the festivities without the added stress of being on call, having to deal with Out of Hours Emergency and Non Urgent Calls. It is a simple solution to avail of this Christmas; all you as a property manager have to do is provide a call centre with:

  • List of complexes & addresses
  • Apartment owner details
  • Tenant contact details
  • Contractors for each complex (alarms, lifts and refuse amongst others)
  • Property manager for each complex
  • What constitutes an emergency
  • Unit versus block portfolio management

These details are then uploaded to a secure system in the call centre with username and login protection. You can then relax and enjoy Christmas in the knowledge that you can log in remotely to get real time access to the calls received through the secure online portal.

A call centres experienced customer service agents will take the necessary steps required when a plumber, locksmith etc. is needed, day or night so you don’t have to. Then the frontline team within the call centre will liaise with the resident and keep them up to date on what action was taken and when the issue will be rectified whether it is a lift broken down or a communal door lock that needs attention. These call backs to residents are one of the personal touches that is much appreciated by people over a hectic Christmas period.

For added peace of mind, all our calls both inbound & Outbound are recorded for quality and auditing purposes. To make it even better a call centre will furnish you with a call activity report after the holiday period which will list the calls received with detailed information including date, time of call, callers number and call duration.

A person’s place of rest and relaxation is their home during Christmas time. Unforeseen events don’t have to ruin what should be a cheerful period. A call centre can help things run a little smoother and help you feel a more secure this Christmas.