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Black Friday may signify the official start of the holiday shopping season but the preparation starts now for retailers. Sales are expected to begin early this year, according to a report in the Wall Street journal they could begin earlier than Thanksgiving night. One key area retailers must prep for is customer service. The influx of calls from customers will put a heavy strain on your in-house team. Employing a reputable call centre to handle the overflow of calls will keep your business running smoothly this holiday season by freeing your in-house team for the massive increase in foot traffic.

What kind of Call Center is Effective
Due to the online discounts during this period it can be difficult for your staff to keep up to speed with every fact and figure pertaining to your stock. A team of call centre agents will provide a dedicated service with an online system which makes all relevant facts & figures a click away, therefore ensuring that a great customer experience is maintained.
There are already articles citing rumours regarding opening hours, some suggesting that the shopping spree may begin as early as Thanksgiving evening at 6 pm. To maximise sales this year retailers must entertain the idea of outsourcing customer service to a call centre. The three key areas that can be outsourced are telephone answering services, email handling services and live chat services. Having world class customer service this holiday will boost your sales by giving your business upselling capabilities as well as pre/during sales support.
Overflow cover is a familiar business support feature that call centres provide for a wide range of retail outlets during peak periods such as Black Friday. Of course, we cannot forget the following Cyber Monday and Green Monday shopping days either.

This year customers are looking for 360-degree support online and over the phone as well as in store. Using a call centre will insure that your customers get this support and it will pay off when you review the figures. Call centres are extremely customer-centric in nature and are completely justifiable this holiday season due to their experience with the most important part of Black Friday… the customer.

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